NCAA Junior Basketball Flashbacks: The Lyceum Junior Pirates and the Best Games of John Barba (Part 1).


John Barba dribbles his way towards their Lyceum Junior Pirates side of the court.

(Notes: In season 94, John Barba is considered one of the pillars of the Lyceum Junior Pirates’ game. The 18-year old Barba proved how important his contribution is to the team when he led the Juniors to a resounding 88-87 win last July 20, 2018. It was his charity shot in the last 11.2 seconds that won the game of the Junior Pirates. How his game matured, we have look back in season 93 to understand Barba better).

10 Aug. 2017


Emilio Aguinaldo College gym

Ermita, Manila


Junior PiratesMarj de Leon, with Lee Ian Salazar (14, left)

The Lyceum Junior Pirates, at this point in the first round, are in the running for a Final Four semifinals slot in season 93 of the National Collegiate Athletic Association junior basketball wars.

Barba led the way with 24 points and six rebounds as the Junior Pirates stopped the EAC-ICA Brigadiers, 111-77, at their own home court.

His leadership helped send the Junior Pirates to their fourth win in seven games, and with still three encounters to in the first round.


Sean Sandoval(9) covers the left wing of the Lyceum Junior Pirates, while a teammate makes an attempt.

Hitting 15 points in the first quarter, Barba’s output provided the spark that allowed the Junior Pirates to move away, 34-21, after 10 minutes.

Teammates Marj de Leon and Sean Sandoval backed him up with double digit outputs as well, with de Leon making 12 and 11 points.

Maui Cruz had 26 points for the Brigadiers, who suffered their sixth straight loss.


Junior Pirates Mclaude Guadana (16) and Lee Ian Salazar (14) play defense.

At that time in the season, the La Salle Greenhills Greenies have won six straight games, and the Malayan High School Red Robins are trailing at 5-1.

The San Beda Red Cubs have a 4-2 slate with the Arellano Braves and the Junior Pirates are contention with their 4-3 card.

The games of John Barba has made the Junior Pirates’ games in the first round something to remember.


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