NCAA Season 94 junior basketball game review: The San Beda Red Cubs and Art Oliva’s big game

04 Sept 2018


FilOil-Flying V Sports Center,

San Juan

Meet Art Oliva, one of the newest point guards of the San Beda Red Cubs,

The 18 years old Oliva, is seen as the replacement of Evan Nelle.

For many years, Nelle has helped the Red Cubs make it to the finals.Oct16Oliva2

(Art Oliva (left) of the San Beda Red Cubs had just evaded two JRU Light Bomber defenders , Vince Icban (29) and John de los Santos (22)).

And thats before he moved up to the ranks of the Red Lions to this year.

The 5’10 Oliva is more of a combo guard, since he can shoot or do other things.

As season 94 of the National Collegiate Athletic Association junior basketball wars progressed, Art made efforts to work on his shooting accuracy.


(Justine Sanchez(20) and Jade Talampas (10) prepares to screen their JRU opponents Marwin Dionisio (12) and Ronald Bucoy (15)).

Oliva feels that something was at the start of the season.

That was when the Red Cubs lost two straight games in the start of the first round.

“0-2 and Red Cubs. Masama tingnan. Sakit sa pride. Yun ang naging motivation ko para iboost ang team, sarili,” said Oliva.


(Joshua Lazaro (16) of the San Beda Red Cubs prepares to shoot a free throw while teammates Zach Estacio (11) looks on with JRU’s Gab Fortuna (14) beside him).

Oliva talked about his game last September 4, 2018 when the Red Cubs finally won their seventh game in 10 matches.

And this was at the expense of the Jose Rizal University Light Bombers, 62-56, at the FilOil-Flying V Sports Center.

In this game, Oliva showed what he can do help his team win, and that’s in the final minute of the game.


(Zach Estacio (11) getting ready to heave a free throwm with JRU’s Gab Fortuna (14) behind him).

Topscoring for 15 points, Oliva came into the picture moments after the Red Cubs blew an eight poiunt lead in the final minute.

Ahead, 59-51, the Red Cubs lost their edge following a charity shot from Thomas Vasquez, and a drive from Marwin Dionisio following Vasquez’s assist, 54-59.

In the remaining 6 seconds, Oliva converted three of four charity attempts to preserve the win for the Red Cubs.


(Cyrus Llarena (12) goes for a layup past JRU’s Ronald Bucoy (15), while JRU teammate John de los Santos (22) and Thomas Vasquez (16) sprints to assist).

This kept the Red Cubs’ hopes alive, that they will continue climbing up in the standings, and make it to the Final Four semifinals again.

“Para maiangat ang team sa standings. Lalo na nasa 3rd na sila. Hopefully, angat ang team before end of the second round,” said Red Cubs coach JB Sison.

For Sison, JRU is a different team this season.Oct16Amores

(Jade Talampas (10) with Joshua Lazaro (16) of the San Beda Red Cubs, in a rebound battle with JRU cagers Ronald Bucoy (15) and John Amores (13).  Josiah Alcantara(9) of the Red Cubs watches from afar).

“They’re a tough team. Medyo mahirap kalaban. Ma-hustle, physical, pero sarap kalaban,”

He feels that their encounter has brought out the best in the Red Cubs.

Coach JB said Art’s A-game came at the right moment.

“Kinailangan ng offense. Kasi, its a defensive game. Nakaka-break down ng play. Kaya nakaka-steal siya,” said JB Sison on their fourth consecutive win.

The Red Cubs are still far from a Final Four seat at this stage.

According to the stats, and the individual rankings, Joshua Lazaro is no. 7 with 8.6 rebounds.

Marwin Dionisio of JRU is no. 8 in rebounds with, 9.1 rebounds.

Teammate John de los Santos is no. 2 with 2.6 steals.

The Red Cubs have no dominant player except for Kent Pelipel.

At the end of the first quarter, the Light Bombers took charge, 19-16, after Gab Fortuna triple.

Dionisio struck twice in the start of the second period, giving JRU a 24-16 edge.

But, two triples from Oliva allowed the Red Cubs to get back the lead, 26-25.

They moved away, 30-25, off Llarena’s putback, at the end of the second period.


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