NCAA Season 91: Game review on the Arellano Braves (part 2); the best games of Carlo Abadeza

Team Standings as of Sept. 8, 2015

W      L

SBC Red Cubs               12      0

MIT Red Robins            11      1

LPU Junior Pirates                  9        4

AU Braves                     9        4

EAC Junior Generals     6        6

LSGH Greenies              6        6

CSJL Squires                 4        8

SSC-R Staglets               3        9

JRU Light Bombers       1        11

UPHSD Junior Altas     0        12


(Carlo Abadeza shoots a free throw).

The Arellano University Braves seems to have reached a turning point in season 91 of the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) junior basketball tournament.

They firmed up their grip of the no. 3 and 4 seats in the race for the Final Four semifinals.


(Guillmer de la Torres goes for a drive while Junior Pirate Vincent Cunanan (18) looks on, stunned.

Although they have not yet officially earned the slot, they are now close to one of four Final Four seats after they swamped the Lyceum Junior Pirates, 100-77, on Sept 8, Tuesday at the Arena in San Juan.

They share third and fourth position with the same 9-4 record at that time.


(The Braves singe the school anthem).

Carlo Abadeza stood out in this game with Guillmer de la Torre.

He shot a season high (probably a careerhigh) 30 points and hauled in 13 rebounds for the Braves as they went on to register their 9th win in 13 games.


(A triple teamed LPU player Makki Santos(10) is about to get blocked by Guillmer de la Torre, Jayson Danas (14) and Marlon Espiritu (13) looks on.

  • AU Braves 100, LPU Junior Pirates

Abadeza opened up the game with 7 points, and joined hands with Guillmer de la Torre for 13 points in the first period, which the Braves took with a 25-15 advantage.


Kobe Camacho(7)  tries to dribble his way past Guilmer de la Torre (7) and Jayson Danas (14).

Teammate Marlon Espiritu capped a 9-4 win with a drive which allowed the Braves to move away from a 16-11 lead, and into a 10-point lead.

They maintained a 14-point advantage in the last 5:12 of the second period following a pair of triples which Abadeza and Espiritu unleashed.


(Kobe Camacho grabs the loose ball. In the distance, in the upper box are members of the Mapua Red Robins who are observing the game).

De la Torre shot 22 points while Jayson Danas added 13, with his jumper with 52 ticks to go in the second canto allowing the Braves to gain more distance, 37-24.

Abadeza’s penetration at the end of the first half then saw the Braves taking a 17-point lead, 49-32, at halftime.


(Lars Sunga (4) gets blocked by two LPU Junior Pirates defenders).

“Sobrang pinaghandaan ko itong game na ito. Ito ang turning point ng season namin. Dahil nag-uunahan kami sa third place,” said the 18-year old Abadeza.

The Braves got off to a fast start with their running game. They sustained their pace in the third period.


(Makki Santos (10) gets double teamed by (Guilmer de la Torre(7) and Ira Bataller (17).

They took a 22-point spread, 66-44, with 5:14 remaining off Jayson Danas attack, and with Abadeza in control of the boards with teammates Lars Sunga, de la Torre, Danas and Ira Bataller.

“Talagang pinukpok ko po sarili ko. Kasi sabi sa akin ni coach (Tylon Darjuan), ako ang energy ng team,” said Abadeza.


(Marlon Espiritu).

As the Braves limited Generoso Cecilio to four points in the third period, the Braves went on stay ahead by 18, and behind Danas’s layup.

In the fourth canto, Carlo noted that the Junior Pirates’ drive seems to have waned midway in the period.


(Vincent Cunanan).

By this time, there was no need for Abadeza to exert much effort.

With de la Torre taking control of the offensive, they were able to hold off a brief uprising from the Junior Pirates.

They were able to threaten, 68-76, off Makki Santos’ putback.

But, a triple from Espiritu and de la Torre in the last five minute gave the Braves an 85-70 spread.

  • Notes on the best games of Carlo Abadeza
  1. Carlo is the second performer of the Arellano Braves after he made 30 points and 13 rebounds that day(Sept. 8). That’s next to top performer Guillmer de la Torre.
  1. His 2-point output that day is 11. It is no. 3 among the highest 2-point field goals listed this season.
  1. He made the season’s second highest rebounding output as of Sept. 6 with 19, when the Braves defeated the UPHSD Junior Altas 86-69.
  1. His is ninth overall in scoring with his average of 15.23 points.
  1. Abadeza is currently the league’s no. 3 rebounder in the junior division with 11 rebounds per game.
  1. Abadeza’s previous personal high score is 28. That was when the Braves demolished the Junior Altas, 85-69, on Aug. 6.
  1. He also had his previous personal high of 18 rebounds in that game.

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