The Games of NCAA Season 93 Junior Basketball: the Lyceum Junior Pirates’ fight for survival(part 1)

(Notes: Many months after the first round  game of the Lyceum Junior Pirates- UPHSD Junior Altas, Mclaude Guadana is again with Batang Gilas that will soon see action in the  FIBA Under-17 World Cup in Argentina. The Junior Pirates have managed to produce a world class athlete),

04 August. 2018


FilOil-Flying V Arena,

San Juan

When the Lyceum Junior Pirates faced the University of Perpetual Help Junior Altas for the first time in season 93 of the National Collegiate Athletic Association junior basketball wars, they learned something about themselves in that game.

The Junior Pirates won, 89-86, thanks to the three-point shot of Neil Ruiz in the last 50 seconds.

This gave the Junior Pirates their third win in six games when action ended on Aug. 4, 2017 at the FilOil-Flying V Arena in San Juan.June08Cunanan

(Neil Ruiz (14) looks for an open man to pass the ball).

The remaining time proved to be scary for the Junior Pirates.

The Junior Altas still had chances to win, and they took it.

But, they four big chances to score and claim a victory over the Junior Pirates.June08Guadana

(Mclaude Guadana chasing down a loose ball)

First, Errol Bongay bungled two charities in the last 51 seconds.

After Vincent Cunanan missed an attempt with 32 ticks to go.

The Junior Altas kept possession until the last 21 seconds when Jielo Razon missed successive tries for a basket.June08Barba

(John Barba (10) squeezes his way past a defensive screen).

No such luck.

Jielo Razon, one of their go-to guys missed an attempt, and so did Jasper Cuevas with his triple with just second left.

Junior Pirates LA Mumar said he is thankful that Ruiz somehow saved the day for the team.June08Umpad

(Lyceum Junior Pirates Erlan Umpad during a loose ball play (15)).

“He hit that clutch shot. And that’s what he does,” said Mumar.

Mumar praised the defense that the Junior Altas put up in that game. And that caught the Junior Pirates off their guards.

As the game ended that day, Vincent Cunanan came out on top 20 points and nine rebounds, while Mclaude Guadana had 15 points and nine rebounds.June06Salazar (2)

(Lee Ian Salazar (14) makes a mid-air pass).

After six games in the first round, the Junior Pirates are in contention for a Final Four seat with their 3-3 win-loss record, while the Junior Altas are behind at 1-4.


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