NCAA Season 93 Junior Basketball: More on the best games of Kobe Camacho and the Arellano University Braves (part 2)

01 Aug. 2017,


12:30 p.m.,

FilOil-Flying V Sports Center,

San Juan,

When the Arellano University Braves picked up their second straight win last Aug. 1, one of the team’s new faces struck again.

But, this time, Kobe Camacho was not alone when the Braves went on to dispose of the Letran Squires, 86-79.


(Kobe  Camacho (16) in this file photo with Marlon Espiritu(13) and Aaron Fermin (11)).

Camacho got some help from another new find, big man Aaron Fermin.

Together, they bailed the Braves out of trouble in the last four minutes.

Because of their big efforts, the Braves went on to improve their record to three wins and two losses after five games in the 93rd National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) junior basketball tournament.


(Rey Domingo(14) with Ira Bataller (7) and Nino Tamayo (9) in this file photo).

Fermin struck with 26 points in that game, which saw the Braves moving to third place.

Camacho had 15 points, to go with the 14-point output of newbie Fred Segura.

After five games, Fermin began averaging 16 points and 16.6 rebounds.


(Aaron Fermin (11)).

On the other hand, Camacho normed 18.2 points after their confrontation with the Squires.

Camacho’s triple in the last 3:35 set things in motion for the Braves.

With the Squires close, 72-74, the Braves moved away 77-72.


(Resty Fornis(10)).

This triggered a 10-0 run that decided the fate of the Braves.

From there, Fermin struck thrice, in the remaining time.

His layup off Camacho’s assist, and his three-point play handed the Braves a 10-point spread, 82-72, in the last 1:52.


(Aaron Fermin (11) with Fred Segura (20)).



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