NCAA Season 91: Parade of storms cancelling many basketball games

According to the, “tropical cyclones are by no means unheard of at this time of year. However, after roughly six-weeks of quiet across the Pacific, a small parade of storms has suddenly sprung up, like some kind of a weather-borne flash mob.

… this parade has already produced a deluge of rain for northern regions of the Philippines, and is setting up to make life along the south and southeast coasts of China very interesting by the weekend.”

Once again, another set of  basketball games of the 91st National Collegiate Athletic Association have been cancelled.

In a announcement made by 12:47 pm, the mancom bared this:

“Upon consultation with the basketball committee and mancom members of playing teams and the commissioner, NCAA basketball games scheduled tomorrow, FRIDAY, JULY 10, 2015, are cancelled due to declaration of no classes in San Juan City in all level, brought about by typhoon Falcon. Keep safe.”

The following games are affected:

8 a.m. Mapua vs Letran (jrs)

10 a.m. JRU vs UPHSD (jrs)

12 nn Mapua vs Letran (srs)

2 p.m. JRU vs UPHSD (srs)

4 p.m. Arellano vs CSB (srs)

6 p.m. Arellano vs LSGH (jrs)


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