(Photo Ops)- Part 1: Typhoon Glenda leaves destruction in its wake at the Metropoint Mall, and at the Rizal Memorial Sports Complex

16 July 2014,

Bo’s Café,

SM Mall of Asia,
Pasay City,

6:30 p.m.

It’s been a hectic 48 hours for me.

I finally got settled down here at a borrowed seat in a crowded section of Bo’s Café at the SM Mall of Asia.

The perks of having a constant supply of Sodexo gift certificates from a loving wife allows me to enjoy a grande cup mocha frappucino and cheesecake brownies for free.

Typhoon Glenda’s passing into Metro Manila allowed me to have a lot of downtime, and get through my backlog in blogging the events of season 90 NCAA basketball wars and the season 77 UAAP collegiate basketball hostilities.

The night before (Tuesday) organizers of both leagues have already announced the cancellation of games.

This big storm passed through the metropolis in the wee hours of the morning, and continued its path north by lunchtime.

At around, that time, it left most of the city without power, and some without clean water(waterless is true for those living in multi-story buildings).

So, while waiting for mobile internet connection, and mobile computing power to finally be available to me, I spend the morning taking photos of streetlife along the corner of EDSA and Taft Ave. in Pasay Rotonda, and at the nearby Metropoint Mall.


(people pass by a blocked off portion of a sidestreet between Metropoint Mall and Kabayan Hotel in EDSA Rotonda)

I even escaped the clutches of two heavily armed security guards of Metropoint who wanted to grab my camera. They saw me taking photos of a destroyed billboard on a streetside, some fallen electrical wirings and a blocked streets.


(A female traffic enforcer watches over the sidestreet).

The MMDA officers gladly allowed me to take photos, and one tipped me about it while I was at a carinderia in my neighborhood.


(a closeup view of a billboard and fallen wires, which traffic enforcer points to me).

The MMDA officer just finished breakfast and told to me to go to a sidestreet near Kabayan Hotel if I wanted to have good photos.



(Fallen wire hanging on blocked side street).

The security guards, whom I feel are overequipped and overreacting on the presence of a camera-wielding passers-by, wanted to delete my pictures. But I invoked my rights as mediaman and calmly walked away along EDSA, and into Taft.


(another view of a fallen tangle of wires hanging at the back of Metropoint Mall)

In the back of my mind, the guards do not want the pictures to get published. But I refused to let them stop me.


(Road blocks and tape cordon block the street leading to Kabayan Hotel)

Compared to security people at the Rizal Memoral Sports Complex, the guards were cheerful and cooperative that they allowed me to take photos which Typhoon Glenda wrought around the premises.


(another view of restricted area).

They even allowed themselves to be in the photos I took.

With Philippine Star sportswriter and Byolmins blogger Olmin Leyba joining my little adventure, we get to have an unmolested tour of RMSC, thanks to the cheerful and trusty security personnel of RMSC.

Both of us wound up doing an article on the RMSC before the day ended. Olmin was glad that the security guards at Metropoint were not able to delete my photos, nor get to touch me(to be continued).


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