Sportswriter’s Notebook- Cebu football brawl: Will Enrico Mongaya be spared of any punishment?

March 24, 2014

12:07 a.m.


Pasay City

Remember Enrico Mongaya, the spectator who took part in the melee which marred the football game between Sacred Heart School-Ateneo de Cebu and Alcoy FC on Sunday, March 16, 2014 last weekend?

His actions sparked public outrage(online and in real time), and for what he did during a game in the 16th Aboitiz Cup U-18 meet in Mandaue City.


(Photo shows Enrico Mongaya hitting young Alcoy FC goalie. Mongaya stepped into brawl among kids, a no-no for parents and adults  in incidents like this. Photo was sourced from When In Manila blog’s series of photos taken from Sunstar Cebu’s facebook page. CREDIT goes to ALLAN CUIZON for the excellent picture).

There are clamor, saying that he should not be spared from any form of sanction.

Philippine Football Federation general secretary Ed Gastanes, lawyer by profession,  is interested in his case.

He talked about his thoughts on what occurred during the incident to Cecille Quimlat  during her weekly Saturday program, Football Connection on DZSR Sports Radio.

Philippine Star scribe Olmin Leyba recorded the radio interview, and shared excerpts of the interview to some of his colleagues.

During the program, Atty Ed said that he commends the Cebu Football Association for the sanctions slapped on those involved in the incident.

Then, he added that there is interest in how the CFA will deal with  spectators who got involved in the melee.

Gastanes noted that Mongaya, a Bureau of Customs (BOC) police officer, was caught apparently “stabbing” the neck of Alcoy FC goalie Rodenel Binolirao with a key during the melee.


(a parent, right, steps in as Enrico Mongaya hits away at the boy. Photo credits go to ALLAN CUIZON of Sunstar-Cebu).

Mongaya is the godfather of one of the players.

“We note that the CFA acted swiftly on the matter and has imposed penalties on guilty parties,” stated Gastanes.

Gastanes said the PFF is now re awaiting further reports on what the CFA will do on spectators because penalties imposed were only on players and coaches,”

So far, its the coaches of the two squads and nine players who were slapped six-month suspensions by the CFA.

In the CFA’s initial report, penalties were not included on spectators who stormed to the pitch and joined the fight.

Gastanes added that if the CFA makes a request for PFF to extend the sanctions imposed on the coaches and players,  then the PFF will act on it quite swiftly and promptly, also.

He is probably right.

Mr. Mongaya should not be left alone and not spared of any punishment. Not just by the Bureau of Customs, but by the PFF also, and the schools involved in the incident as well.


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