Sportswriter’s Notebook- OMG!! NCAA Mancom defers decision, but what’s the fuss about Koga? another one involved?

Nov. 5, 2013


Rizal Memorial Sports Complex

Vito Cruz, Manila

As I called it a day last night, a group of sportswriters all received an email at dinner time.

It’s a statement from the  Management Committee of the NCAA.

After hours of deliberation early today, the Mancom said it is now looking into reports alleging that it was not only  a player from San Beda College who was involved.


The Mancom, through Dax Castellano of season 89 host College of St. Benilde, said they are also probing  a player from Lyceum of the Philippine University.

The player from LPU is said to have  played in another league as well, and while the season 89 of the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) basketball season  was ongoing.

And so, the investigation is  not just focused on Red Lion cager Ryusei Koga alone, but now also on Lyceum player Jeremiah Taladua.

As the probe of the six-member investigation panel deepens, they felt that preparations of involved teams in the Final Four are getting  affected.

So, to allow the teams to focus on the impending semi finals and finals, the Mancom  has decided to defer the ongoing investigation into Koga and Taladua.

They explained that their decision to defer on making any decision  is “without prejudice to its reopening should new evidence surface in the future.”

So the mystery deepens, and the Final Four begins on Thursday with a cloud of controversy, at the same time that a threat of a superstorm coming in to Philippine Area of Responsibility(to be continued).


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